The ultimate guide to designing your (digital) brand strategy

Online Brand Identity nominated best marketing literature of the year 2015

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Online brand identity is meant for all professionals that work in branding or advertising. About five to ten years from now the majority of all advertising will be digital and programmatic. That changes how we build brands: creative and media strategy are merging, marketing and branding become inseparable and data and technology need to go hand in hand with creativity. The book unites professionals to jointly define the future of branding. If you are a marketing manager, a brand manager or CMO you’ll find a brand model that puts the brand and digital thinking at the heart of strategy.

About five to ten years from now, the majority of all advertising will be digital and programmatic

Media and communication professionals will find a model to make the internet the mediamix of the future. If you are an art director or strategist at an advertising agency you’ll find lots of inspirational branding cases leveraging the full digital creative canvas. E-commerce and performance experts will find an opportunity to make their knowledge and skills useful across the full consumer journey rather than just at the end of the funnel. If you are a data driven professional you’ll find a model for building your data infrastructure of the future integrating traditional research and real-time data. Finally, company leaders will find tools to overcome key barriers for digital transformation.

The book triggers a sense of urgency to get rid of old habits and for making digital the basis for all brand and advertising strategy. It helps creating your ultimate strategy for one on one communication at scale. Above all, it provides lots of inspiration as well as experiments, exercises and worksheets to translate that inspiration into action. The book is nominated for best marketing literature 2015.

Read a free preview of the book here (PDF).

In the videos below I share my view on how the book Online Brand Identity relates to the fastest digital trend: programmatic marketing. The third video is an interview about the book on CES2016 Las Vegas, the biggest tech fair in the world (unfortunately weak sound but a nice peek into the content of the book).

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Digital 1st brands
  • Chapter 2: The evolution of the internet: reading, buying, branding
  • Chapter 3: The new digital consumer
  • Chapter 4: Thinking mobile 1st
  • Chapter 5: The future of media
  • Chapter 6: What onliners and offliners can and should learn from each other
  • Chapter 7: Digital 1st audience targeting
  • Chapter 8: Digital 1st content and campaigns
  • Chapter 9: Digital 1st KPIs
  • Chapter 10: Digital 1st evaluation and optimization
  • Chapter 11: Past and future in a Digital 1st brand framework
  • Chapter 12: The timeless power of the big idea
  • Chapter 13: The ten most common data traps
  • Chapter 14: Combining digital data and ‘traditional’ research
  • Chapter 15: Data and privacy
  • Chapter 16: Top ten barriers for digital transformation
  • Chapter 17: Vision, goals and actions: experimenting your way into the future
  • Chapter 18: Making the most out of automated marketing technology
  • Chapter 19: Embedding digital thinking in your organization
  • Chapter 20: Be ready to get punched in the mouth