Case description

Based on the success of famous YouTubers, Google has formulated a model for building a successful content strategy. Though the model is based on video content successes, it works for all your content. There are three basic types of content.

A brand that did a great job implementing all three types is Volvo Trucks:


  • Hero content is closest to what used to be push advertising. It is the content you want a broad audience to see, so it needs to have broad appeal. Hero content is typically planned around what we call tent pole moments. The example of the Epic Split from Volvo, featuring Jean-Claude van Damme is typical Hero content. Take a look at Volvo’s YouTube channel, because they have a lot more of these Hero stunts.
  • Help content is pull content, since it is based on questions people ask online. These questions tend to be an indication that a consumer seeks inspiration, information or something useful that solves a problem for them. Volvo provides Help content through Brian’s truck reports. Brian is a truck journalist and blogger that tests trucks, explains and demonstrates new features.
  • Hub content is content you develop on a regular basis to re-engage with users that gave a signal of interest. Hub content should give the signals that your content hub is worth returning to on a regular basis. Volvo has two hub concepts. The first is the format “Welcome to my cab” where truckers show off their customized trucks. The second is “Driver’s world”. These are documentary style videos telling the story of truckers doing their work in all kinds of challenging locations in the world.