Case description

People tend to have both wishes and fears in relation to important themes in their lives. The simultaneous presence of a wish and fear around a topic that is important to a person can cause a conflict in that person’s brain.

The book “Power Brands” discusses the inspirational example of Nike describing the wish and fear many people have in relation to sports: somewhere deep inside, everyone wants to be a top athlete (the wish), however being a top athlete is only achievable for a chosen few (the fear). If people have two conflicting beliefs like this simultaneously in their head, that is likely to cause some sort of feeling of friction.

The brand Nike formulates in the brand mission that they want to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. They added a connotation to the mission statement that is very powerful in solving people’s conflict between the wishes and fears people have around sports: “If you have a body you’re an athlete”.

They make this mission meaningful for different types of people: for example for those that aren’t the best of the best (“Find your greatness”) and for women (“Greatness wears sweat as perfume”).