Programmatic buying: will data kill creativity?

Programmatic buying is definitely here to stay. My expectation: in 2025 eighty percent of all global ad spend, including TV, radio, print, cinema and outdoor advertising will be fully digital and served through programmatic buying […]

January 7 2016|

The future of (digital) marketing and data


The future of digital media is clear: digital will become a full media- and marketingmix that accompanies consumers everywhere they go, in their pocket, which means online and […]

November 8 2015|

Jamie VS Gordon: who has the best YouTube content strategy?

YouTube boosted a new breed of celebrities: names like PewDiePie, Smosh and The Fine Bros may not invoke recognition with all readers of this blog, but they do have more than 56 million subscribers together […]

October 14 2015|

Digital brand transformation: five ways to get started

If I speak to CEO’s of big companies and brands they all have digital transformation as one of their main priorities. However, if I speak to the professionals that need to drive the digital transformation […]

June 15 2015|

Should you build a mobile site or an app?

If you don’t have a mobile strategy you don’t have a future strategy. In advanced countries the average household already uses an average of three or more connected devices. Mobile is not just an extension […]

May 26 2015|