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How to get and keep your brand future ready


Five to ten years from now the majority of all advertising, including TV, Radio and Print, will be bought through digital automated trading systems. Imagine a world in which outdoor advertising is the last mass push medium left. Imagine a world where people only watch ads they want to watch at a moments that suit them, rather than ads we want them to watch on moments that suit us.

Imagine a world where people only watch ads they want to watch at a moments that suit them

How would your brand and advertising strategy change? Which of the things you do now will no longer work? Which assets and skills do you lack? Would your job still exist? What elements of your strategy and skill-set could be even be more useful than they are now? Are you running the right experiments to be ready for this change?

Online Brand Identity is the ultimate guide to designing your future ready brand and advertising strategy. It offers a brand framework that puts digital thinking at heart of your business. The framework is illustrated with forty successful cases from big and small brands. The book offers exercises to define the experiments you can start running tomorrow.

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Every page of the 300 pages is more than worth reading. (Book Review SRM)

Digital 1st brands

Particularly interesting are those brands that built their success before the internet became big, in some cases even before the internet existed; brands that built their experience and crafted successful strategies in the offline world and then managed to turn that around towards Digital 1st thinking.

So we are not talking about the Googles, Amazons, Apples, and Facebooks here. We are talking about even bigger heroes, the ones that had the courage and audacity to build on their proven success strategies by diving head-first into the digital space: experimenting, trying, measuring, optimizing, failing, improving until they got it right.

Brand inspiration:

Dove, Nike, Adidas, Burberry, Red Bull, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, KIA, Nivea, Pepsi Max, Fiat, Philips, Lancôme, IKEA, Hot Wheels, Tipp-ex, Toyota, Jaguar, Converse, Mercedes, Burger King, Volvo, KLM, Bose, L’Oreal and American Express are just some examples of brands whose accumulation of great work has been the inspiration for the future ready brand model that is presented in this book.

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